Methods of taking examination – serbian only

Professional exam consists of written and oral tests.

Written test is taken by answering the multiple-choice questions or by writing answers to the given questions.

Candidate’s score on the written test must be at least 70 in order to qualify for taking the oral test.
Oral test involves a hypothetical fact situation and presentation of the solution by a candidate to the Commission.

All candidates must bring their identification when taking the oral test.
The Agency provides copies of the Law on Bankruptcy Proceedings for use by all candidates taking the oral section of the examination.

According to the Regulation on the Conditions, Curriculum and Manner of Taking the Bankruptcy Administrator Licensing Examination (Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia No 43/05), candidates failing to pass the oral section of the examination are entitled to re-take the oral test the first subsequent time the examination is offered, while their results on the written section will be recognized.

At the request of the candidate, the chairman of the Commission may postpone their taking the oral section of the professional examination for the next examination term if the candidate in question should be prevented by illness or other justified reasons from sitting for the examination. In case of the examination being postponed, the candidate will be obliged to pay one half of the amount of the fee for taking the professional examination as fee for taking the postponed examination, which amounts to 6,300.00 dinars.

Candidates failing to pass the written section are entitled to inspect the results of the written test. The inspection will take place in the premises of the Bankruptcy Supervision Agency, Belgrade, 1-3, Kneza Mihaila St, III floor.

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